Rebecca Shultz

Rebecca Shultz


I wrote my first song (It was called "On the Door Step") at the age of 14 using a Casio keyboard. I began learning to play guitar when I was 17 and started writing music soon after.

In 1991 I began playing in an Original Band in Greenville, North Carolina called, "The Upstart Crows". Our highlight was to be featured in a compilation of local bands and given a write up in "The College Music Journal" or CMJ as a result. The Upstart Crows disbanded in 1993. Although I continued playing and writing privately, I stopped playing in public until 2007.

In the spring of that year, I began frequenting some local open mic's. In 2008 I joined a cover band the was later named "New Style American Girlfriend" and entered the first annual Sea Level Singer Songwriter Competition. I made it to the finals and was the runner up. I entered again in 2016 and placed 3rd. New Style American Girlfriend eventually became the band known as THE DENTZ, with whom I played with until 2015. Afterward, I played with the cover band Studio 126 until the summer of 2017.

I am currently focusing on solo acoustic performances.